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TRAI Regulations


Dear Customer,

As you already know that the TELECOM REGULATORY OF INDIA and the DEPARTMENT OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS have released new norms mentioning that all messages which are promoting products will be charged with termination charges @5ps + taxes effective 1800 hrs IST 25th Octo 2011. To adopt these regulations MaywinTech is going to pass it on to the customers, hence MaywinTech has introduced a new credit system named Termination Credit, It will cost 5 ps + taxes per credit. The current credit can be used only if you have enough termination credit in your account. You can also transfer the current balance to termination credit with applicable rates of deducting credit equivalent to 5ps + tax from your current credit. If you feel its confusing for you, please talk to your account manager and he will guide you through the overall process.

By now TRAI has issued new regulations that after multiple delays and updates it will go into effect in Sept 2011 and this will end to unsolicited commercial communications to subscribers of the National Do Not Call register and it was renamed as NCPR stands for National Customer Preference Register. Even though the norms are to curd the UCC, it brings a positive change to the industry, by allowing full access to the NCPR / DND database to the registered telemarketers and easy registration/deregistration process. MayvinTech would like to let you know some important things which will change the way MayvinTech has been doing the business till now. There are 2 types of Bulk messages – Transactional and Promotional.

Transactional Messages

  1. These messages contain information on its customer account and it has sent by Bank, Financial institute, the Insurance company, depositories register with the Exchange Board of India or Direct Home Operators.
  2. It has information about the passengers and their travel schedule, ticket booking, and reservation done by Airlines, Indian Railways.
  3. Information about the student or their parents from the registered Educational Institution.
  4. Any message transmitted by Central or State Government, TRAI, agencies authorized by TRAI or on the directions of bodies established under the constitution.

Messages with above nature will only qualify as transactional messages.

Promotional Messages

Those messages which are not falling under Transactional Message are Promotional Messages until TRAI has an amendment with further categories.


Transactional messages will not be scrubbed by DND while Promotional Messages are.

Promotional messages will be delivered from 9 AM to 9 PM only while Transactional messages are delivered 24x7.


Sender ID

Based on the categories listed on NCPR, Promotional messages can have a unique sender ID. The listed categories are as follows.

  1. Banking, Insurance, Financial products, Credit cards.
  2. Real Estate
  3. Education
  4. Health
  5. Consumer Goods and Automobiles
  6. Communication/ Broadcasting/ Entertainment / IT
  7. Tourism / Leisure
  8. None of the above categories

Format for the Promotional sender ID is XY – 1MAVIN, where XY is for Operator Code with, are code, 1 stand for categories listed in the NCPR, and MAVIN for the 5 digit code provided to the marketer by the Access Provider. No other types of sender id can be used including dynamic or numeric send id etc. Customers are allowed to use multiple sender IDs that have allotted to us by different operators. Transactional Sender Ids will be in the format of XY-MAYVIN, Where Operator code is XY and 5 digit Lapha Numeric Code desired by Customer is MAYVIN.


The penalty is starting from 25 000 INR to 2 50 000 INR and blacklisting of 2 years thereafter if you found violating the above rules.

MayvinTech is geared up to go ahead with the required amendments. MayvinTech will let you select the category at your end once verified that it falls in the right category. MayvinTech has opted to avoid sending messages to DND regardless of the NCPR considering a huge risk that revolves around terminating messages to DND/NCPR.

But Transactional messages will be terminated on DND numbers. Real-time DND scrubbing will be done at our end and real care will be taken regarding the time window, which means peace of mind for our customers. Our feature-rich panel will continue providing the best services in the industries with completely ready for the current regulations or future regulations to come. You are welcomed to get in touch with our support team for more clarifications that you might need regarding this or you can also talk to your manager.

MayvinTech is very much thankful to you for your valued patronage with us.